Fi Leaning


ReMaterialise was born at 2am one night 5 years ago. When Fi had an idea about how to use the bags and bags full of plastic bags that she had stored in her garage. She knew she didn’t want to throw them away, "I knew there must be a use for them but I hadn’t found it. I was woken up with the idea of turning them into strong and sturdy shopping bags. Using plastic bags to make shopping bags appealed to my sense of irony". Over 12 - 18 months Fi took 60,000 plastic bags and turned them into reusable shopping bags, I also made some wallets and notebooks out of the fused plastic that Fi had figured out how to make. ​ Through working with recycled plastic and learning more about the environment and our impact upon it, Fi eventually branched out into reusable alternatives, with their large range of beeswax foodcovers, produce bags, straws, mooncups etc. Most weekends they travel around Auckland attending lots of markets educating people and selling their products. ReMaterialise stock is also available in a range of shops around New Zealand and have a very successful website. They offer business branding options and fundraising options too.