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Tricia Knights


Hi my name is Tricia and my business is called Wristocracy

That's me.... (the one in red) and beside me, is my friend Enita - who sometimes helps me out at markets.  You are likely to encounter one or both of us at Crafternoon Tea Market!

Do you find it hard to find great looking bracelets that fit properly?

That don't get in the way of your day to day life?

Do you like something a bit different with a bit of a story?

Then look no further...

I make Wristocracy bracelets to fit all sizes – yes, ALL sizes - from petite to plus size!

I make every bracelet myself – here, in New Zealand, and I make for both men and women.

I source beads from around the world and then thread them into bracelets ….(often sets of three) that can be worn separately, together or mixed and matched with other jewellery and watches, especially Wristocracy, so they're super versatile.

I offer information on the different gemstones the bracelet is threaded from – so it is a great way of finding out more about what you are wearing and the properties sometimes associated with wearing that material.

Prices start from just $20 and the materials I make from are vast and include an array of different coloured minerals, woods, metals and crystals, so there really is something for everyone.

All our bracelets are threaded on strong quality elastic thread - so they are strong, and can also be made to measure to your wrist, so they fit you perfectly!!

We constantly update and add to our range so if you are after a certain colour way please do ask, as I may have something in the works.

In addition to bracelets, I make rings, earrings and necklaces. Many of these are designed around Swarovski Crystal. Swarvoski crystal is also available in a vast variety of colours in bracelet form, together with Swarovski Crystal pearls. These are also available in all sizes and look great mixed and matched with the other bracelets.

As we say at Wristocracy ... build your wrist the way YOU want it to look! Collect over time .... and see how your collection evolves! 

Thank you for your support!

White Flowers
White Flowers
White Flowers