Thank you for your interest in the CT Markets.


Applications are welcome from quality local makers who wish to showcase their hand made products which fit in with our market. We try and have a good mix of stalls that will appeal to the public. We do have a requirement for a well presented stand.


CT Markets have always focused on providing an opportunity for people

to discover unique artisan crafts and for us to showcase our amazing "Makers".

Our visitors enjoy the opportunity to meet the Artist/Craftspeople behind our

bespoke items and discover the story behind each piece. Auckland has a

wealth of local talent and we are very lucky to be able to tap into that and share

it with you all.

Where is the event held?

CT Markets are held at multiple locations,

Kingsland (400 New North Road) on the third Saturday of every month (except January)

and other pop up venues. It runs from 10am ~ 2pm, with changes at our discretion.

What atmosphere should I expect?

A friendly helpful one, where vendors can promote their work, mingle and share ideas with others in the

small business community. We pride ourselves on the camaraderie we have fostered with our vendors and them with each other. #marketfam

How is the event promoted?

We advertise on our website, Facebook and Instagram ads, we have promotions all over the internet and

signage out in the community.  We also request that our stallholders subscribe to the collaborative marketing

method that we use. Sharing your fellow stall holders work to your networks introduces your fans to new and

interesting products which may be the thing that brings them down to the market.  If everyone does this your business could also have a whole new audience. With the changing face of social media it is more important than ever that we work as a team, together our networks are massive!

What if I applied and was turned down?

Don’t take it personally. It simply means one of two things. Either we had too many applicants that month and

we needed to make a decision or your goods were not suitable for the market.  Feel free to reapply.

How do I apply for a table?

Via the Google docs application which is accessed from the  "apply now" page. Every stall holder needs to submit their individual application, even if you're considering sharing a table with another stall holder.

Do CT Markets supply the table?

Yes and No.

We supply a table to all half table spaces and if any tables are left they are available for full tables

for a fee of $10. However there are limited numbers so if there are any left after half tables it will be on a

first in first served basis.

What if I need extra room?

Your fee pays for a space only at the event. That is all we promise to provide - no more, no less.

Should you need more room, such as an extra 1/2 table, or space for a clothing rack, or a display cabinet,

you need to request it when applying. Even then it is not guaranteed. You should expect to pay more for the

extra space, as you are effectively taking the space another vendor could use. To avoid disappointment,

do not simply expect to turn up and have extra space available and have extra space available for additional items.


How much do table spaces cost?

Pricing is available on our "Vendor Information page" and is venue specific.


Will I get the same table position every month?

No. We do our best to accommodate a number of people every month and complaining about position

simply makes our job harder. At the end of the day, it’s possible we’ve turned people away so you can have

your space. We don’t have a lot of space and the venue can at times, like any other venue, be a logistical

challenge. Shuffling people around is therefore a necessary evil. Of course, we do have ‘regular’ vendors and

as such, they are afforded regular positions at our discretion.