Sable Ink Designs

Nae Lang

Sable Ink Designs

“ Boho luxe jewellery for the Modern Bohemian”


Hey im Nae’ designer & maker of Sable Ink Designs.

I make a selection of ‘Boho Luxe’ style gemstone jewellery in my home studio in South Auckland.

I have been an avid collector of stones & gemstones since the “90’s” mum started us of by rockhounding for quartz in the coromandel rivers.

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Anxiety in 2007 i started my learning journey to becoming a jeweller.

I gained Certificates of Achievement in Jewellery Manufacturing Stage one & Two. from the Open polytechnic NZ in 2007.

After this achievement i jumped at the chance to do a Jewellery techniques course at M.I.T, It took me a year longer due to health issues, but i got there :)

Gaining a Certificate in Jewellery Techniques in 2009.

This course grew my passion for design and sparked a love for matching stones with jewellery and Jewellery with people.

I love designing in my head (That's what the blank stares are lol), working out the intricacies of a piece, then re-creating it step by step.

Focusing on the finer details and processes of jewellery allows me to escape into mindfulness whilst creating something unique for you.


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